What Software To Use For Environmental Projection


First things first.  We need something that can manipulate and process an image if we are going to pull of environmental projection. There are certainly many options when it comes to software, but there are 3 main categories of software that are worth taking a look at.

1. Single Window: This is the most basic breed of presentation software and has the ability to put something up on your secondary output, but you don’t have much control over anything outside of a “slide” or the order of your presentation. This category includes PowerPoint, Keynote and a few other lesser-known applications. This is definitely the least expensive option, however you will find that software in these categories is limited in features and control over your images.

2. Dual Window: Dual window programs allow you to have a control window as well as a separate full screen output that one can send to your TV, projector or other display devices. Some examples of Dual window presentation software is good for environmental projection is Media Shout, Easy Worship, ProPresenter, VidVox Grid as well as a couple others. These includes features to manipulate your images and allow you to control the order in which they are displayed. The power that comes with having a control window will allow you to create a more seamless and powerful presentation.

3. Multi-Layer Mixing Application: This is the third and most advanced, expensive category. It is also the category that has the greatest number of options. Examples would include VDMX, Arkaos GrandVJ, ProVideoPlayer and s number of others. The primary thing that sets these programs apart from the other two categories I have mentioned is their ability to dissolve multiple layers of video graphics on top of each other. This grants you a lot of control that you are not allowed in other programs.

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