The Purpose of Environmental Projection


Environmental Projection harnesses the power of imagery to drive home an emotion or idea. It simply brings vision and can truly bring a room to life. Your audience no longer feels as though they are looking at something, but instead they find themselves looking into something. Make sense? Lets say for example we wanted to bring the people at an event into a jungle like atmostphere. Most people would achieve this by getting a couple of real trees (or plastic) and get a pre-printed backdrop to cover the background. The problem with this approach is that the audience has to look at a bunch of people in a so-called “rainforest” but they don’t get an immersive experience.


With environmental projection, through still images and motion backgrounds, we can invite the audience into a jungle so to speak. It takes the focus of the stage and brings everyone into the same atmosphere! What’s the best part? Environmental projection is dynamic and can be changed with a quick click of a button. Imagine one moment we’re in the South American rain forest and the next we’re in a beautiful 10th century cathedral. There’s no way this would be possible with physical trees and a backdrop is there?


When setting up environmental projection, remember that every room is different and I need to remind you that there is no “one-size-fits-all” setup. Because there are no two rooms alike the best thing you can do is seek help and make sure to contact an experienced consultant or installer.


In future articles we’ll talk about how to evaluate your space and also how to get measurements for projection. While it is an artform, creating an incredible environment is achievable. We hope that you’ll follow along as we discuss environmental projection.


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