Selecting Media For Environmental Projection


Lets imagine that you have saved up a large sum of money for a brand BMW. However after purchasing the car you realize you didn’t account for the fact that you will need money left over for the gasoline. Bummer! It’s the same way with environmental projection. Don’t just buy all the equipment and neglect to consider what sort of “fuel” you are going to use in it. Good, quality, and creative content will need to be budgeted for.

TripleWide Media’s tag line is “Fueling the Multi-Screen Movement.” Our hope is to provide you with numerous resources, including content to use for environmental projection. We’ve taken the time to partner with the best producers in multi-screen content and we love exposing their art to the many users of triple wide video walls, environmental projection.

Set-up a FREE account today and become a part of this community. If you’re brand new to this site let me share the coolest part of all about our content. Every single purchase (motion, still, countdown) gives you access to 3 resolutions (single wide, double wide AND triple wide.) We designed the site this way so those who use EP occasionally or in only a few select rooms can use the content they purchase in other rooms that have a need for single screen content. Much of our media looks great on a wall or on a screen with lyrics and so we want you to have options without purchasing multiple products.

We really care about resourcing our community with content. Enough of the sales pitch; in short don’t forget the importance of keeping content fresh and creative as you begin your journey with environmental projection. Remember to check out our blog for ideas from our community and to see our content in use. Maybe you have some pictures to share with the community? Please send them our way.



About TripleWide Media

Motion backgrounds, stock footage, images, countdowns & more. 1 Purchase, 3 Sizes: triple, double & single wide resolutions included. Sign up for FREE account!

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