Selecting A Projector For Environmental Projection


Once you have a computer and software you’ll need something to actually get the image or motion background onto the wall or video screen. Obviously, this is where a projector comes into play. Though there isn’t a “standard” projector I recommend using there might be a projector that fits your needs better than any of the others.

When it comes to projectors remember that the goal is to put paint on the walls. It’s hard to create an immersive environment with environmental projection without a clear and bright image. We have to overcome ambient light that is created from windows, a bright stage, lighting effects/elements and projection or house lighting. If your room is full of natural light and windows you are going to need a much bright projector than a room without natural light. Yes, brighter projectors are more expensive and in some cases draping over the windows could be more cost effective.

I am often asked which projector to purchase. Here’s my response: in a perfect space with a 30-40′ wide wall on a matte white wall and no ambient light (stage lighting, house lighting or windows) you would want to get a 3,000-5,000 lumen projector. Any additional light that you can’t control will cause you to need a brighter projector.

Projector prices vary greatly and so I hope you don’t feel like you must drop $20,000 to get in the game. Just make sure you are getting a good, quality brand and enough brightness to achieve you look you are going for.

Keep in mind that environmental projection is an art and may take some guess work and testing. Reaching out to an experienced consultant or installer can save time, money, and heartache.

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