Custom Content for Environmental Projection

There’s a TON of places to buy media, we recommend TripleWide Media for all things Environmental Projection. However from time to time they don’t have the exact piece of content you need. Here are thoughts.


1. Hire an Animator.

If you’re wanting to create something completely custom you may want to consider hiring an outside animator. This is absolutely the most costly of all the options, but you will get exactly what you’re hoping for. I would imagine you can expect a price tag of about $1000 – $4500 or even more depending on your complexity.

2. Request Custom Content. 

On many of these sites, including TripleWide Media, there are buttons where you can submit a request for content to be made. This may not allow you to get content as fast as possible, but if it’s an idea that other people may benefit from, you never know who would have interest in making it.

3. Make it Yourself. 

The third option would be to make the content yourself. There are countless number of tutorial sites out there that will help you learn programs like After Effects, Final Cut, Premiere, Motion, etc. Maybe it’s time to learn the programs so you can begin to make the art yourself.



I’m pretty amazed with the search features of some stock media and environmental projection content sites out there like TripleWide Media. Check them out, you never know what you’re going to find.

About TripleWide Media

Motion backgrounds, stock footage, images, countdowns & more. 1 Purchase, 3 Sizes: triple, double & single wide resolutions included. Sign up for FREE account!

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