Top Media Producers for Environmental Projection

Check out some of the top producers of Church Media for Environmental Projection:

Playback Media: Playback Media is dedicated to creating powerful motion backgrounds, stills and countdowns designed for the church. They believe that visuals, when used in the right context, can create powerful atmospheres in worship. These atmospheres have the ability to connect to connect audiences to our Creator in intimate and powerful ways. Check out Playback Media’s entire collection here.

Church Motion Graphics: We sell the best church motions, video countdowns and bundles for immediate download. All our content comes in HD & SD and will work on both a PC and Mac. We love creating quality media for the church. We hope you like it. Check out Church Motion Graphic’s entire collection here. 

Visual Worshiper: Along with being a consulting and live event design company, Visual Worshiper specializes in designing content for multi-screen format and Environmental Projection. We hope the visuals are a blessing! Check out Visual Worshiper’s entire collection.

Overflow Media Group: Overflow Media Group is a three-year old endeavor based out of Hampton Roads, VA. Lead by Jordan Bassett and various other contractors. We endeavor to create worship motions, mini-movies, and graphic design products that point to the love Christ has placed in us. Check out Overflow Media Group’s entire collection here. 

Sky Light Pictures: Sky Light Pictures is a small independent photography and video producer seeking opportunities to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and his church with visual media resources. Check out the entire Sky Light Picture’s collection here.


For more producers that make great environmental projection content, make sure to check out TripleWide Media’s producer page.

Custom Content for Environmental Projection

There’s a TON of places to buy media, we recommend TripleWide Media for all things Environmental Projection. However from time to time they don’t have the exact piece of content you need. Here are thoughts.


1. Hire an Animator.

If you’re wanting to create something completely custom you may want to consider hiring an outside animator. This is absolutely the most costly of all the options, but you will get exactly what you’re hoping for. I would imagine you can expect a price tag of about $1000 – $4500 or even more depending on your complexity.

2. Request Custom Content. 

On many of these sites, including TripleWide Media, there are buttons where you can submit a request for content to be made. This may not allow you to get content as fast as possible, but if it’s an idea that other people may benefit from, you never know who would have interest in making it.

3. Make it Yourself. 

The third option would be to make the content yourself. There are countless number of tutorial sites out there that will help you learn programs like After Effects, Final Cut, Premiere, Motion, etc. Maybe it’s time to learn the programs so you can begin to make the art yourself.



I’m pretty amazed with the search features of some stock media and environmental projection content sites out there like TripleWide Media. Check them out, you never know what you’re going to find.

The Setup Process

We have found that there aren’t that many people out there talking about how to setup Environmental Projection. Check out what TripleWide Media posted a while back:

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 12.41.38 PM


Check out their entire post here:

Color Theory

One of the things that’s so unique about Environmental Projection is the how color is incorporated. There’s a lot out there about color theory. You may want to check out TripleWide Media’s blog on all of this… by clicking here.  Here is a brief overview of the various colors and how they interact with the emotions we use in worship: 

Yellow: Fun, Humorous, creative, energetic

Green: Harmony, balance, nature, peaceful, relaxing

Purple/Violet: Intuition, meditation and introspectively. 

Red: Death, Energy, Vitality, Anger, Rage and Passion

Orange/Tan/Amber: Stable, Base, Optimism, Creativity, Movement, Energy, Momentum


If you visit TripleWide Media they have a picture that is perfect for this stuff… make sure to check it out here. What colors are you using in environmental projection? 

Lady Antebellum with a TripleWide Video Wall

Lady Antebellum with a TripleWide Video Wall

Check out this triple wide video wall used on Lady Antebellum’s tour.

Multiscreen Stained Glass

Multiscreen Stained Glass

Great environmental projection at Fellowship Church.

TripleWide Media

TripleWide Media

This is our favorite spot to get media, inspiration and ideas for Environmental Projection, Multi-screen video walls and other triple wide screen setups.